Friday, October 5, 2012

21 Things that turn me off-------Part 1

1.  People who ask "how are you" and then when you start to tell them their eyes glaze over!---

2.  People who ask "how are you?" like it’s the only phrase on the planet.

3.  People who have one set of rules for themselves and another set for other people.

4.  People who think they are better than someone simply because they have more money.

5.  People who site personal experiences as fact, something that only real scientific data/statistics can do.

6.  People who are arrogant.

7.  People who are in denial.

8.  People who are always talking about themselves.

9.  People who never shut up...

10. People who can't stop picking up their cell phones to check messages and texts.

11. People who drive to the gym to work out but must find a parking spot right in front, so they don’t have to walk across the parking lot (hmm… perplexing)!

12.  People who believe an Iphone is a status symbol.

13.  People who assume someone is dumb because they are poor.

14.  People who always think they are right.

15.  People who can't empathize with others.

16.  People who say "Why don't they just get a job like I did, why should my taxes go to help them."

17.  People who say "I'm not giving money to that homeless person they will just buy liquor with it."

18.  People who are heartless.

19.  People who believe their personal experiences can be applied to someone else’s life because they don’t understand the concept of  “variable’s."

20.  People who smoke around babies.

21.  Redundancy --- I need help with that one :)

TOO BE CONTINUED..............................

to me---people who write blog posts when they could be writing their fist novel  (hmmm... perplexing) :)

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