Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why is it (this list is subject to add on's at any moment that inspiration hits)?

1.  Why is it that a lot of people are dicks to you when you ask them for a favor or ask them to help you with something but when their is a camera crew around they are all smiles "come into my home, welcome, what can I do for you".  UMMMM maybe you can act like that when their isn't something in it for you?  This comment is in reference to reality tv and the way people act when they are in front of a TV camera.  All of a sudden they are the most charming helpful people on the planet.  Visit them when you don't have a camera.

2.  Why is it that people go to so much trouble to fucking squeeze their car into a sliver of a parking space as close to the entrance as possible?  I mean what is the point of squeezing?  I don't know about you but I need air to breathe.  I don't want anyone's car doors hitting my car either.  Not to the mention the fact everyone claims to want to be healthy but yet can't muster the energy to walk their fat asses across the parking lot for some free and easy exercise.  This is even funnier when observed at a gym.

3..  Why is it that when a man gets to be 55 or 60 years old he is distinguished, or debonair.  Like a bottle of good cognac getting smoother with age.    But when a woman hits the 50's or 60's she's a hag.  And they are even doing it with women in their 40's.  You can really tell its a man's world with that set up.   Its the media that continually throws this in our face.  Look at the Regis and Kelly show.  How old is he?  He should have hung up his microphone a long long time ago.  He looks ridiculous next to her.  He looks dead already.   If she's 25 then make him 25.  These messages are almost pedophilic.  Or better yet lets stop ageism altogether and put a man and woman that are both older together.  I am sick to death of hollywood, fashion magazines, and commercials showing women that are only 25 years of age and men on TV that are 65 only with women that are 25.  An older woman is just like an older man.  And I have seen very sexy attractive older women.  They are not leper's that need to be hidden away in some back bedroom with 50 cats.  And I think viagra is helping to keep this discrimination going.   Not even getting into the fact that 75 old men are still having children.  But if an older woman wants to have a child she is somehow a bad person.  So what is good for men is not good for women?  Sorry but that's bullshit.

4.  Why is it that people place human characteristics on dangerous wild animals like they are somehow cuddly and fuzzy?  The word for it is anthropomorphism (say that 5 times fast).  I'm not talking about kitty cats or puppies I'm talking about rattlesnakes, tigers, and lions.  Animals that have proven time and time again they are wild when they lash out at their owners and either kill them or maim them.  Remember Siegfried and Roy?  Two lovers who had glamorous photos of themselves in front of a glistening white mansion,  in a crystal blue pool swimming with rare white lions?  Can you think of anything more ridiculous?  Well check out how Roy's doing now.  I'll tell ya he's not doing well.  He was bitten in the neck by one of his beloved tigers and he has never been the same since.  Their is only so much physical therapy can do.  Time and time again you hear nasty stories about these animals with dumb owners.  The most horrendous one I heard was the constrictor that suffocated a two  year old baby girl in her crib.   I was so disgusted by this story I wanted to put a constrictor in bed with the parents.  Talk about not giving a shit.  The snake was kept in a decrepit case that it had escaped from over 200 times before the accident so these people were aware.  These parents should be thrown in jail for a long long time.  I don't care if it was negligence or not.  Why would you think that a slimy scaly beady eyed snake is your friend?  Its not a loving pet no matter how many times you feed it live mice.  I've just come to the conclusion a lot of people are just not that bright.

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