Monday, July 7, 2014

WOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So much for what I had planned.  Writing furiously, making amazing observations learning about myself and BAM hit a wall just like a runner.  I am disappointed in myself actually.  I hate abandoned blogs at least ones with no closing.  They just hang out there cloaked in an air of despair -a life dissipated sinking into the abyss of anonymity.  How miserable.

Truthfully I doubt if anyone really cares where I went.  What happened was that we decided to stay in USA for the foreseeable future.  All my anxiety went out the window and new batch of anxiety came swooping in.  Although I am happy right now about staying.   part of me wanted to go.  If not more than anything else than to get away from my family.

We had been told before that my husband absolutely could not get papers because of the way he came over the border.  Three attorneys  I spoke to said there was no way, "wait to see if they pass immigration reform."   So we gave up and resolved ourselves to taking our chances getting a visa in Brazil.   Personally I don't believe they are going to pass immigration reform but lets keep that our little secret because A LOT of people are counting on it.   My husband didn't want to wait to see if they passed reform  he wanted to go home (and I didn't blame him), he had financial holdings down there that were losing value as each year went by.  But then one miraculous day I took another shot at talking to attorneys and I FOUND ONE!!!  She said she had 100% rating getting visa's.  And of course I then became pissed at the other incompetent jerk-offs I had already spoken to who had changed the trajectory of my life.  How can you play with people lives like that?  your screwing with families, livelihoods and people's emotions....WTF?  What that experience taught me was not to listen to anyone, to keep searching, till you know you have turned over every rock, never take anyone's word for anything be shrewd.  Now we are in the process of getting my husband papers so that he can get a social security number and become a normal member of society FINALLY that is a whole other post(s).   Although there is no guarantees she is pretty confident we have a good case.   All in all its a  long process about a year to a year and a half but its well worth it.

Then my husband bought thousands of dollars of equipment to open a business that is very lucrative right now.  So we are working on that and that is taking up a lot of our time, especially his.  This money we used was the money we were going to use to renovate our house in Parana.  So its all bittersweet, and mixed emotions.

Its weird, I had been mentally preparing myself for my new life in Brazil for at least 2 years.   I fantasized about meeting new people, getting to know his family, just having a new adventure.  Here is a list of things I wanted to do.

1.  Get to know his family
2.  Immerse yourself in another culture
3.  Learn to read and write Portuguese
4.  Start a business
5.  Visit Argentina which is right on the border
6.  learn to surf in Santa class
7.  Finally have an excuse to ignore your family
8.  Suck up all the adoration and novelty of being American

So we shall see how things progress, this post is a little lame, but I have just been so lazy lately with the heat, its been 90 degrees here, and I started running and I am just exhausted.  I will try harder to make it juicier next post...........and sooner.

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