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Here is a snapshot of actual Americans giving their opinion and talking about illegal immigration.  Now most Americans in the comments are referring to Mexicans who have literally overrode the southwest to point that some Americans say they are not the majority anymore.  One commenter wrote that "parts of California look like a 3rd world country, Mexicans have ruined the state."  I have read these opinions by the hundreds at this point I've heard it all.  I don't deal with the same changes as what California has gone through I'm in Massachusetts and far away from the border.  The debate is getting heated again as Obama discusses what to do about immigration reform.   He made promises in his original campaign for presidency and lets face it Latinos helped get him into office. Though I'm married to an undocumented immigrant from Brazil I can still see SOME (and I stress some) of their side to the story.  But I don't condone ignorance or ignorant comments and that goes for both sides.  I think it depends on the type of person that comes over border.  If they bring crime and ignorant attitudes with them then I am not for them being here or for getting papers.

As you read you will see that Americans have become pretty self-righteous in their ivory tower.  I have a different view of life here in America and that is predominately due to my marriage.  Its a very hard life to lead sometimes.  Because I have to deal with the way Americans perceive immigrants form the south whether they are hear illegally or legally.   Americans might not tell you to your face but in the dark corners of their mind they don't want to be infiltrated by anyone form the South.  If an illegal immigrant form France somehow slipped into the US they would welcome him/her with open arms.  The french are acceptable of course.   We are inundated with how fucking perfect France is how special so cultured.   But yet they can't muster the energy to take a shower.   But the way the media portrays France and other European countries its like the sun rises and shines on these countries.  I have come out of the fog of brainwashing and I now wonder what do they do that is so great other than steal and exploit the south for their own benefit?  If its made in France its great, if its made in Venezuela  its trash.  France is the pinnacle of what people use as an example of quality of life.   They can do no wrong.  BUT the image of the South is so different   I don't have to explain it everyone knows what I'm talking about.   Its called discrimination.  And its the way the media portrays the South that gives Americans their disdain for Mexico and South America.

It has really opened my eyes as to who some of my fellow Americans really are.  Most who have turned out to be total hypocrites a quality I find really loathsome.  I don't like it when people refer to Brazil as a 3rd world country just to be derogatory and put Brazil on a lower plateau.  They like to cast the country as 3rd world so they can dismiss it.  Even if parts are like 3rd world conditions, last time I checked ALL the citizens  in the U.S. that now call themselves Americans are descended usually form poor farm workers that arrived at the golden shores on disease infested boats.   So when I hear some of the comments I want to get into an argument.  For that reason I have done a lot of research and study into US foreign policy and history to make sure I know what I'm dealing with.  The US which is not all innocent in this subject perpetuates the myth that Brazil is a 3rd world dump by virtually ignoring the country and letting old generalizations stay where they are.  I have a hard time finding anything about Brazil in the American media unless its negative even that is few and far between.   And I know its done on purpose because China is 3rd world and they can't seem to shut the F up about that country in the media I guess the US has to kiss China's ass due to the fact China now owns this country.   Their is a lot of ignorance on the part of Americans who have no idea what is really going on and only believe what they are spoon fed most of which is provocative inflammatory information about these countries.  In general America is a individualist society where all inhabitants are pretty  much living in their own bubble and could care less about the plight of other countries or how they got that way.

BK  14 hours ago

  • Thank you Obama for trying to get more illegals into this country only so they can support you. Why waste money on these worthless bills that will do nothing but will make our economy even worse? Focus on WE THE PEOPLE, not WE THE ILLEGALS...... We have a high enough unemployment rate as it is, why not let more people in who will work for less than the minimum wage... Smart move.. Then again you aren't exactly known for being a very smart president. Let's give Millions to Egypt in F-16's, Millions to Mali, Millions to other countries when OUR country needs the money more..... I LOVE this country but this is getting out of hand.....

KeithLong  2 hours ago

Tanya, you are not an undocumented immigrant. You are an illegal alien and have no legal right to be in this country. We don't owe you anything.

orlandojon  2 hours ago

How about my hope and expectations when I dreamed of this land of opportunity, 
learned so hard about its history and legacy, studied the language so hard and 
worked so hard to get a PhD with a legal F1 visa in an American university? And 
my wife who came here with a legal F2 visa that does not even allow her to work? Tania with all due respect, I think you should stand in a line behind me and my family. Or else maybe I should throw away my legal F1 visa and become an illegal like you and talk about expectations?

Excuse me. You are not an immigrant. You did not apply for entry. You did not obey any laws. You displaced a true immigrant and most probably a refugee. Identify yourself for what you are; an illegal criminal who crossed our borders, and refuse to do the right thing and go home.

leonardo  Melissa Bickers  8 hours ago

get rid of welfare and social services all together and 10 million of your illegals will go back home. Go to your local welfare office and ask yourself how 90% of those in line are spanish speaking mothers. Anchor babies are the qualifying them and word spreads quick in Mexico when it comes to getting free dinero.

Gab  Melissa Bickers  12 hours ago

the liberals promised the illegals citizenship in return of their votes. Now the conservatives are forced to follow suit

News flash. 47% of illegal immigrants are on gov’t subsidies right now.

sc2pilot  13 hours ago

20 Million unemployed and desperate for work, and they want to legalize 20 million more, and make it easier for foreigners to come in and take more American jobs.

Well we should at least keep illegal immigrants out of our workforce. We need to demand mandatory E-Verify to check all jobs, current and future. If the government can bring the number working illegally from over 8 million today down to less than 500,000 then after that I might be open to a very small, numerically capped legalization program. But without implementing E-Verify first in actuality, promises mean nothing.

wheat  11 hours ago

Obama's plan = Take from the hard working, tax paying, US citizens and give to the illegal leeches.

ryan  R.A.C  11 hours ago

Agreed. Unfortunately it's too late. We should have acted 20 years ago on this. Chalk it up: third world countries like Brazil, Mexico, and coming soon, the good ole US of A. It's over folks. We are outnumbered. Get ready for a banana republic. Anglo Saxons built the greatest civilizations ever known: Europe, America, Australia, Canada...but we are divided from within. Whites are now the only ethnic group in the country that doesn't vote as a block. Blacks, Mexicans and most minority groups all vote at least 75% democrat. Whites can't agree on anything, so we are getting steamrolled at the polls. It's their country now. Let's see how long it takes for them to ruin it.

R.A.C  14 hours ago

NO AMNESTY AT ALL! They committed a Federal Crime. Now you fools in DC want to give them a break. If a citizen breaks Federal law we get prosecuted. Your intentions to give these criminals a break is wrong. You are setting the wrong example for all our children. They are criminals! Prosecute and deport! No other way to do it right. We need for all Americans to wake up and tell all our elected officials to do what is right. Prosecute and deport.

bushdiver  fairplay  an hour ago

These aren't legal immigrants. Other countries are much harder on them when they get caught. If you are going to grant everyone who enters illegally a path to citizenship somewhere down the road then why bother to have border checks at all. Just let everyone in. These illegals get many benefits that they have never paid in to. Do you think that's fair to the millions of citizens who have contributed for decades?

Pollux  15 hours ago

For every illegal immigrant teen in California going to school trying to better themselves, there are five either in a gang or committing illegal acts. I know CNN likes to point out kids just trying to become a lawyer or doctor but they never show the other side. And I know this is considered a stereotype but young Mexican females reproduce at an extremely high rate which is just apart of the culture but is also causing a massive influx in anchor babies. This is why locking down our borders is the most important thing of all. I love the Spanish culture and value their presence in America but we have to make sure the people who come here are respecting our laws and the process it takes to become a US citizen so they feel like they have earned it and not stolen it. You respect the things you earn.

    • itsdark4u  Pollux  7 hours ago

      im from california too and literaly watched it decay to what it is now. Mexicans have spray painted, vandalized, drugged and ruined everything to a third world degree a long time ago. I honestly dont see how qnyone expected any different, when you let millions of third world people that dont know qny better in all at once what did they expect. Anyway i moved, kentucky rocks, very polite, very clean.

      • Their just sharing their culture with us. The melting pot theory doesnt really apply to this country any more, just a bunch of foreigners who want to live on our soil, not become US americans.

        • David  Thomas Dorsheimer  6 hours ago
          Don't forget, they love our goodies we give out. Heck, even daughters of drug lords who have tons of cash still come up here to have their children on the taxpayer dime.... Can't beat that.

          over-informed voter  David  6 hours ago
          • Yup... and Obamacare actually covers illegal aliens who are not eligible for any other government benefit... We get to pay even more for them!

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      • Pollux  itsdark4u  4 hours ago
        Moving to LA was an eye opener. I felt like the foreigner there and not because of race, it's because of all the people there speaking spanish who only speak spanish. They shy away from people because they know they can't communicate. The illegals walk around with their heads down trying not to draw attention. Mexicans have literally flooded LA and this is a result of illegal immigration and a extremely high rate of reproduction. I think this is the problem Americans have. When you come here, you become an America and adopt our culture and our language. You don't bring Mexico to the United States. We know what Mexico is like and we don't want that here. Period.
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        • sdark4u  Pollux  4 hours ago

          Im from ukiah, mendocino county and its just as bad if not worse there. They do not hide, there arent enough cops to anything about it anyway. I lived in portland, oregon its also getting bad there too. I now live in danville ky. very beautiful small town, won second most beautiful town in america contest (first place os also in ky. about an gour away) hosted vp debate, i was head electrician got my pic with biden.

          • I would be offended, but then I think that it's in part because of this rhetoric that the Republican party is politically dwindling and losing elections. So yes, by all means keep talking...

            Pollux  mon_a  2 hours ago
            • Would be offended about what..what I said? I lived there. Im speaking from experience. I'm a democrat and I voted for Obama.
              • Pollux  mon_a  2 hours ago

                I might add that I also lived in Tucson Arizona aswell which has an extremely high population of illegal immigrants. I was in a few relationships with Mexican women there so I got to learn first hand about their cousins who were slipping back and fourth from Mexico...some working in cartels there. It's a common practice there. There is an entire half of Tucson that if you didn't know any better..you would think you were in Mexico.
            • "I felt like the foreigner there and not because of race, it's because 
              of all the people there speaking spanish who only speak spanish."
              This is by far the dumbest thing posted today. Not because of their race? But because of their language? LMFAO

          • ghing__Man  itsdark4u  6 hours ago
            We sure don't have millions of poor people sneaking in from Canada.
            • tsdar4u  Laughing__Man  4 hours ago

              Ya they move here cause their home obviously sucks then they wave mexican flags around and yell brown pride. Doesnt make sense. Anyway, i wish theyd all take ahike, or that our govt. would obey their own laws and make em

              Nope, they just come here for more immediate medical care when theirs fails them.  I
              f you can't afford one baby, you shouldn't have five, regardless of your culture.
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        • David  Pollux  6 hours ago

          Most don't even realize how much our great state spends on illegal immigration per year. California spends approximately ten billion per year on illegal immigration. Not ten million, but "10 BILLION!" San Diego county where I live, spends roughly one billion per year on illegal immigration. If we were able just to cut that in half, we could balance our budget. I am sorry but I find more negative than anything positive about illegal immigration. They are not a plus for our society, because they take way far more than they give back. People also need to look at the whole picture, not just one piece of it, like them being cheap labor... Maybe the rich score off the cheap labor, but the rest of us pay dearly for it, I mean think about this, where does that ten billion come from? The taxpayers! So much for that cheap head of lettuce! I always love to hear people say how we need them, but then complain about taxes, it's like going through my head, "you really are a m0r0n that can't add two and two together..." By the way, do people know that produce is one of the top ten rip offs to consumers, and that is a fact, so where is all this money we are saving on illegal immigration? Please anyone show me just one benefit of having them here...

        • Victor Juan Herrera  Pollux  2 hours ago

          Before you start talking about anchor babies read up on how effective they are. You have to have a US citizen child then they can apply for you at the age of 21. However, if you entered illegally you still have to go to your home country and get the waiver for unlawful presence. If you do not get the waiver you are out for 10 years. On top of this the waiver is not available for the parent of a US citizen meaning the parent is stuck outside for 10 years. Lastly, if they want to apply for Cancellation of removal they have to wait till they have been in the United States for 10 years and qualify for a number of other factors.

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            Well, I want to deport the illegal immigrants. It is not a waste of time or money. They are taxing our schools, infrastructure, and you CANNOT reward criminals. Yes, they are criminals for coming here illegall. And, we need to change the laws - no more anchor babies. If you are born here, but your parents are here illegally, no free passes and no free citizenship.

            You can work legally in your own country. There are probably a billion people around the world who want to live in the US and get social security. The US immigration system has been designed to take limited numbers of immigrants each year. Not all who want to come here will be able to. With so many aspiring immigrants waiting patiently in their own countries because they respect our laws, it is wrong to reward people who flout our laws with the ability stay here and work. 26 years ago our congress promised US citizens that the only and only legalization program of 1986 would be the only one. We are going to hold our legislators to that promise.

            I guess the word ILLEGAL means nothing to any local, state or the federal government. Our loser of a governor here is MA wants to make it easier for ILLEGAL immigrants to go to college! Are you kidding me?
            Whatever is decided, I want all immigrants documented so they can pay taxes instead of taking services from TAXPAYER revenue.
            My daughter was was walking to work one beautiful morning. She was hit by an illegal that lost control of his car. The illegal was driving illegally. He lst his license for leaving the scene of an accident previously. This time he stayed. Though he never got out of the car to help. His punishment? Driving to fast for conditions and driving with revoked license. He had no money. Just an uneducated illegal trying to make a living in the USA and better himself. My daughter gets stuck with the bad back. The medical bills. If I was driving an accidentally hit the illegal he would have an ambulance chaser trying to take my house. This is what we want?

            over-informed voter  HunterPSU  6 hours ago

            • Ironically, if your daughter had been driving without insurance or a license, she would have gone straight to jail.

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              Cliff Eden Gardner  HunterPSU  11 hours ago

              I feel sorry for your daughter. I once saw a bunch a latino folks crash a car into a stone wall in broad daylight, hop out of it and just leave it there. I'm happy no one got hurt in that case but I wonder what they scurried away for? No insurance? No proof of residence?ply

            • i represented a school teacher who was rear-ended and injured by a van full of illegals late for work. they were employed by a staffing agency, registered with my state, but that received no punishment no fine, no suspended license, nothing. It continues operating and making money to this day by supplying labor at cut rate to a local manufacturer.
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              • cique437  WayneLapierre  an hour ago

                I witnessed how several illegals worked a whole week at a pig farm just to be told that they were not going to be paid the wages agreed at the beginning, and that they could do whatever they wanted. I suppose crap goes around

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