Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where did all the BLOGS go?

I was thinking the other day why do people stop blogging? They start out enthusiastic about this new medium they want to explore, share experiences with others, see if they get a following.  But then as the daily drudgery of life sinks in they start to get disillusioned.  Which is fine everyone has the right to get sick of it, get turned off, get busy, or whatever.  But sometimes people don't realize how much of a help their blog is or how many people actually start to count on it.   Especially if their blog is unique.   I think that people usually start blogging when something is causing some emotional turmoil in their life.  Its cathartic, its little pace to vent to express and explore feelings.  Basically when things aren't going so great, or when their is apprehension about something.  Once that feeling is gone they stop blogging.  Problem is their are others that go through withdrawals when these blogs stop or disappear with no explanation.    It might be better to write a final blog that you leave up for a few months then shut down.  Or why shut down at all?  What's the point just leave it up for a while their is still a plethora of amazing information that you provided for people to read?

I have noticed that people who are planning or have made an international move like to blog.  Or it seems that way.  That is how I got into blogging.  When I realized I was moving I needed a place to explore my apprehension and negative feelings.

They say the average life span of a blog is 2 years so there is thousands of orphaned blogs out there.

Here is a list of orphaned, dumped blogs about Brazil that I have read.

Amerialia---she just stopped blogging one day

Brasilicana---just gone, not sure what happened

Adventures of a Gringa in Brazil---left Brazil, but why can't you blog about your life in Canada :(

The Salty Cod---She blogs like once a year, so not so much any-more

Coconut Water---She just stopped one day, not sure why and that was one I was attached too

Nina Disporia of the Sky---She has recently dropped off but still does for now, I read hers all the time

Meredith in Brasilia---She stopped but said she would, I read hers all the time

Becoming Brazilian---I really miss this one!

Travelling Susie caught in Brazil---not sure about this one just orphaned

O Jeito Brasilierio---well she moved!

Life in Barra Brazil---I really liked this one as well.

Living Road less travelled---last post almost a year ago, but might still be bloggin (keeping fingers crossed)

And one blog I am looking for a husband and wife who had bought a farm in Minas Gerais they haven't blogged in years.  They (she just stopped one day).  I always wonder what happened to these people, what happened in their lives to make them stop.

And as far as my blog is concerned well I have not put in nearly as much time as most of the others.  I have 31 drafts and 17 published what does that tell you?  And yet I find myself some days going "why bother", or feeling disillusioned as well.   I think sometimes this is all bullshit why am I doing it?  Unless you get a huge readership and maybe start making some money.  That is why I have to do it for myself any other way is just inauthentic.

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