Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Forgotten Children part 1

"Oh will I will I ever get any readers LOL!"  Should I be all bubbly and write things like "oh how much I love food" yada yada.  Or should I keep doing what I have been doing and alienate people?  Such tough questions.   Do I want a lot of ass kissing comments at the bottom of my posts or do I want to write what I think or what bothers me and be blunt with no restrictions?.  I guess I could go all sugary sweet and try to be diplomatic but where is the fun in that?  Fucking boring.  Honestly I'm going to stick to the writing style I have right now which is abrasive but its how I feel right now.  I'll wait and see how my blog develops naturally over time.  I write this blog for me and no one else.  Sure someday I might want to hide these posts but heck this is the journey of life and I hope I never turn into a coward.  Right now I'm not trying to attract advertising or be in the news.  Its a venting space for things that bother ME. If I want to write a guide about something I'll change my blog to the typical canned style of blogging that most people do . The point is for me to watch how I change over time.  Will my tone change, will my opinions change, will I eat crow?   Right now I'm not a big fan of Brazil. I am being true after all.  Some people take offense but its not personal its my personal.  Its my anxieties my fears and my life.   I am sorry if some people don't like it.

1.  The car seat thing.  Ok I understand that Brazil has had a hard time of it for a while.  But the fact remains its 2013 and everyone knows that babies are suppose to be in car seats if your driving.  But still down in Brazil its culturally acceptable to let your 6 mos old with his/her soft head become a 50 mile and hour projectile and land in the middle of the pot hole ridden street where someone else can then run it over  I know people are poor but then don't drive.  Its the governments responsibility to care for the children of Brazil and find a way to provide affordable car seats for poor families.   There should be a nation wide program that helps and ;provides with a way to get a car seat cheap.  Make a deal with China, make then make a nationwide announcement.  You can even ask for proof of income when ehy come to get their car seat.  But do something don't just let the carnage continue.  It can be done the government can do it.  But the fact is they just don't give a shit.  That bothers me.

2.  The corruption thing.  Its a virus down there.  I know a lot of governments have some corruption but Brazil wins the prize as one of the best.  You could get rid of the entire Congress and Presidential cabinet down there right now and all the seats would be filled with a 100 more corrupt politicians in 10 minutes.  Why because its not political its cultural.  Its culturally acceptable to be a liar and a sneak.  In fact its expected.

3.  The driving thing.  The way its culturally acceptable to drive like a maniac and just kill people in the street or get into fatal car crash's.  What is that all about?   Start pulling them over and arresting these people already.  WTF is going on down there?  Brazil has higher fatalities than Argentina and Chile.  Look up the statistics I'm not giving the link I checked it all out,  its brutal down there.  Doesn't anyone teach anyone to value life?   They kill old people because they take to long to cross the road.  I'm not joking I did the research.  How ignorant is that?  Do you really need a high school education to know that you should slow down when you see people?  Can you really use the excuse we are poor so we kill people with 2000 pds of metal.  It doesn't make sense.  Poor or not its common sense.  I just want to know exactly what the cops do down there.  They are not enforcing laws, or solving crimes, and they're certainly not pulling anyone over.  Whats the point of having cops?

4.  The murdering of street children by the police.  They are still doing it today read the links.  This is a thorn in Brazil's side the fact remains that street children are a huge problem in Brazil.  Why?  Because they annoy rich people down there and they annoy the cops.  Like I care about rich people or the cops.  In fact I like nothing more than rich assholes getting annoyed.  In the late 90's there was a string of murders where children were murdered because they were a nuisance.  And no one was there to protect them.  What kind of country has a police force that murders children?  Has there been any changes to the police force down there?  Doubt it.  Has there been any new social programs implemented by the government to help these children?  Doubt it.   But yet you are spending billions of dollars on the World Cup and the Olympics.   I don't even like the Rio police force from what I've heard they are a bunch of assholes. I wouldn't even go to one for help unless someone was chasing me with a knife and even then I would look for an alternative.  Yet this is a country wide problem police just simply kill you if they don't like you and with impunity.  Click the link below and look at what is going on in Recife where street children are still being killed and that is just what we know about.

You don't believe me read it for yourself

Here is another one

Read this one html://

UPDATE****My husband wants me to clarify that I have no idea what I mean when I talk about poor children being victimized in Brazil.  He tells me that image of have of American children all warm and fuzzy building snowmen and coming home for hot cocoa with red cheeks is not what its like in the poor section so Brazil.  He then proceeded to tell me that these children have done seriously shocking things that I would have a a different attitude if I loved  among them and feared for my safety.  That they run in gangs of like 20-30 kids and they terrorize people.  he said once he once saw them coming down the street and was gong to give up his car no questions asked that is how intimidated that are.  They rob he said.  They kill he said.  he is probably right I don't live there, but isn't Brazil to blame for the way they live after all they are the forgotton children.

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