Saturday, September 28, 2013

Brazil needs to pay attention to the poor its their eyesore

I have been a outspoken critic of the Brazilian health care system.  When I heard that people die in the emergency room.  That they have to wait for days just to look at a simple infection.  I really feel for the poor Brazilians that have to endure the 3rd world standards of the health care system.  They are the forgotten people.  A left over legacy of slavery.  The majority of the Brazilians poorest communities are black is that a coincidence.   Did you know that Brazil imported more slaves than any other country?  Did you also know they were the last to make it illegal?  Because wealthy land owners didn't want to give up free labor. Its something that permeates to this day revealed in the fact it has the highest economic disparity in the whole hemisphere.  But what bothers me most about Brazil is the lack of political correctness the lack of caring.  In a country with such a long way to go with so much bad infrastructure and the problems with inflation and the low grade health care.  Brazil should exhibit more humility.

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  1. Did you end up moving to Brazil yet? I hope not, cause you're just going to drag the place down and add absolutely nothing to the country.

    This entry has probably zero concrete facts, and while the Brazilian healthcare system is far from perfect, i use public hospitals in São Paulo and miraculously I didn't die waiting, I was seen within an hour and I was treated and released in the course of 3 hours. Just to let you know, people also die in waiting rooms in the US.

    Also, I would arise you learn the use of question marks.


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    2. Look Alex I like you for some reason don't know why. For someone your age you seem pretty focused and interested in things. When I move there if I have awesome things to say about I will write it believe me. I am just not interested in being politically correct at the moment. But you should know if anything I want to help Brazilians and I feel I have a lot to offer the country if I ever get a chance.

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