Thursday, March 22, 2012

Police commit 15% of all the murders in Rio de Janeiro

I am not going to be moving to Rio, but Brazil is Brazil its one country. Rio police kill and arrest 1 in 23, in Sao Paulo its 1 in 343 and in the US its 1 in around 37,000. 37,000!! The difference is staggering, what happened to protect and serve Rio? How can you live somewhere where you can't trust the police?


  1. That is why there are different police forces. Generally, the civilian police are corrupt because they are paid like crap.

    The other forces are much more professional and get the job done.

    Hopefully they can try to clean up the corruption, because they've done a great job making the civilian homicide rates plummet in the past 2 years, to about half of what it was only a handful of years ago. Each month the crime rates drop. It's definitely transforming.

  2. I hope so I know what you are saying but cops are suppose to protect you. They don't sound like they are in the business of protecting anybody. Its scary coming from the US hearing cops acting like that in Brazil. Its not first time I have heard stuff like this. I know they have more criminals down there cause they are poor but that doesn't excuse shooting people for no real good reason. I heard other stories where cops have shot street children because they are a nuisance. They should be put in jail for life.

  3. Well, violence in Rio is really scary, but the rest of Brazil is most pacific. It happens because of the favelas. There occurs drug traffic and other things. The "milicias" are in every favela in Rio. The UPPs are helping to decrease the violence, but the situation is bad yet.